Beyma 18 inch low frequency loudspeaker 900W
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General description

This 18 bass loudspeaker has been specifically designed to deliver high impact bass response, with exceptional high power handling capacity (900 w AES). It incorporates an edgewound ribbon voice coil (4.5 diameter) made of high quality materials: high temperature magnet wire and polyimide fiber glass former. Another point of interest is its massive vented magnetic structure, which combined with an optimum cooling system allows a fast heat exchange, thus reducing the thermal power compression. Furthermore, the use of a dual spider assembly assures that this loudspeaker can handle a real high power with an extremely controlled voice coil displacement. This model covers the low frequency range with smooth response, low harmonic distortion and high efficiency. It is mostly recommended for high demanding subwoofer and woofer applications.

Key Features
- High power handling ( 900 w AES)
- 4.5 edgewound copper voice coil displacements
- Large Xmax allowing longer voice coil displacements
- Dual spider configuration of improved temperature behaviour: retain good mechanical properties at high power
- Additional heat dissipation due to the use of a metal intercooler
- Designed for high demanding subwoofer and woofer applications

Technical Specifications
Nominal diameter 460 mm. 18 in.
Rated impedance 8 ohms.
Minimum impedance 6.3 ohms.
Power capacity 900 w AES
Program power 1800 w
Sensitivity 98 dB 2.83v @ 1m @ 2pi
Frequency range 25 - 1500 Hz
Recom. enclosure vol. 80 / 200 l 2.8 / 7 ft.3
Voice coil diameter 114 mm. 4.5 in.
Magnetic assembly weight 10 kg. 22 lb.
BL Factor 24.4 N / A
Moving mass 0.190 kg.
Voice coil length 25 mm.
Air gap height 11 mm.
X Damage (peak to peak) 40 mm.