Wavecor 6 inch paper cone mid/woofer, 4 ohm
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General description

WF160WA02 is a mid/woofer designed for demanding bass and midrange applications. It works equally well for high-end hi-fi, high quality home theater systems, and top multimedia setups.
It is powered by a large 90mm magnet structure that ensures good efficiency and optimal T/S parameters.
The large 32mm voice coil ensures high power handling - thermally and mechanically
The optimized paper cone ensures wide bandwidth and low distortion. Distortion is further reduced by efficient venting and an alu stabilizing ring.
WF160WA02 is a good choice for 2-way speaker systems.

* Built-in alu field stabilizing ring for reduced high-level distortion
* Vented voice coil former for reduced distortion and compression
* Vented chassis for lower air flow speed reducing audible distortion
* Heavy-duty black fiber glass voice coil bobbin to increase power handling and reduce mechanical losses resulting in better dynamic performance and low-level details
* Large motor system with 1 voice coil diameter and 90mm magnet for better control and efficiency
* Long linear stroke motor for reduced distortion at high levels
* Linear suspension with specially designed CONEX damper (spider) for long durability under extreme operating conditions
* Gold plated terminals to prevent oxidation for long-term reliable connection

Nominal size 6[inch.]
Nominal impedance 4[ohm]
Recommended upper frequency limit 3[kHz]
Recommended cabinet volume (ported design) 16 - 21[lit.]
Sensitivity, 2.83V/1m, (average 300-3,000Hz)90.5[dB]
Voice coil diameter 32.5[mm]
Voice coil height 11[mm]
Air gap height 5.0[mm]
Voice coil resistance, RDC 3.2[ohm]
Voice coil inductance 0.20[mH]
Magnet weight 400[g]
Effective radiating area, Sd 139[]
Power handling, continuous, IEC 268-560[W]
Resonance freq., Fs 53[Hz]
Moving mass, incl. air 12.5[g]
Force factor, Bxl 5.2[Tm]
Mechanical Q, Qm 9.0 -
Electrical Q, Qe 0.49 -
Total Q, Qt 0.46 -
Suspension compliance, Cms 0.73[mm/N]
Equiv. air volume, Vas 20[lit.]
Total unit net weight 1.06[kg]

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